First introduced in 2001, SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) continues to play a fundamental role in the glaucoma treatment algorithm. SLT is as effective as medication, both as first-line treatment and as adjunctive treatment, but without the compliance issues and detrimental effect on patients’ quality of life. It also pairs seamlessly with all MIGS procedures as both a preoperative diagnostic aid or as a postoperative adjunct.

The SLT Blog is focused on exploring the myriad of ways in which SLT can help in the management of modern-day glaucoma, and is curated by Dr. Savak “Sev” Teymoorian, MD, MBA (USA). Sev publishes a popular blog on the OSN (Ocular Surgery News) website which addresses the latest glaucoma treatment strategies and surgical advances. Sev is a cataract and glaucoma specialist at Harvard Eye Associates, Laguna Hills, USA.

21 December 2017Our Commitment to Patients – “I am with You until the End”

Author: Dr. Savak “Sev” Teymoorian

Our Commitment to Patients – “I am with You until the End”   To truly understand how we can better treat those with glaucoma, we must first be clear on what exactly it is and the consequences that accompany it. The strict and academic definition of glaucoma is an optic neuropathy with corresponding changes in visual field that has an association with intraocular pressure (IOP). The most glaring point to that description is a “link” to IOP but not necessarily…

17 October 2017SLT: A Strategic Ally to Remember When Entering the New Glaucoma Frontier

Author: Dr. Savak “Sev” Teymoorian, MD, MBA

“Hey, SLT! We Need You in the Game Right Now!” The word “Glaucoma” packs a powerful punch the moment a doctor uses it in front a patient. There are only a few other words in medicine that are more jaw-dropping: cancer, stroke, and heart attack. But how can an eye condition even approach the same magnitude of consequence as those life-threatening ones? The truth is any medical condition that significantly alters a person’s quality-of-life creates similar fear and nervousness. Blindness…